DE LOVÉT, founded in 2017 by Loveth Ezeifeka in Toronto, delivers boldly elegant and modern premium handbags. We believe that style should be functional and timeless.

DE LOVÉT is french for “from Loveth”. Every product is designed by Loveth to make you feel elegant and beautiful regardless of what your personal style is. We design every bag with the principle that elegance is for everyone. Elegance is not reserved for special occasions or specific people. If you are an engineer, a yoga instructor or both we create products to fit your style and needs.

From the practical sizes of our bags to the placement of interior pockets, every aspect of a DE LOVÉT handbag is designed to add value to your everyday life. We only use the most premium materials and continuously work to ensure that our supply chain is ethical and socially responsible. Our business counts a growing number of partnerships in Africa, Europe and North America. 
Redefining elegance.